My goal is to motivate and inspire colleagues by sharing my knowledge. Knowledge gained by traveling the world for many years to give trainings and shows. Together with you, I want to share this knowledge and combine it with new ideas to lay the foundation for a super hairdressing career or to let you become even better at your profession. Me and my team provide international training and inspiration sessions.

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May 11, 2020


International REDKEN Artist Bert de Zeeuw develops his own program in the field of makeovers on social media. Consumers love nothing more than before / after photos and complete transformations. But such a big makeover also involves a lot of things. A good diagnosis, good technical skills and an abundance of inspiration. During this training you will learn more about this, but not only that. You will also learn to record these and how to post them on social media. A fun, new training and completely contemporary!

Please note: you must bring your own model for this training

Where: Redken, Hoofddorp, The Netherlands

Registration: via

August 30 to September 2, 2020


As a guest lecturer, Bert de Zeeuw makes an inspiration tour through Berlin with the students of the excellent program at the Rijn IJssel College in Arnhem.

Where: Berlin, Germany

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